Execute Comprehensive Quality Control for Every Procedure

We build and execute quality control by following the below Quality Assurance Chart.

Castyield Precision provides top quality through understand customers’ criteria and execute tight quality control in-house to assure the final production comply with the highest quality and standard of various industries.

Here shows the latest testing equipment we use for strict inspections in-house. All technical inspections will be operated by our experienced QC engineers. All QC issues will then be studied by QA engineers to figure out optimum solutions for meeting quality criteria.

 Environment Policy

Conform to all applicable laws and regulations.

Build and carry out environment protection system,to monitoring important environement factors effectively.

Set up the enviroment protection target and index, carry it out and do necessary review ,to achieve continual imporvement, prevent contamination

Commitment to preventation, energy saving,decrease and control the production waste, recycle the resource.

Let all the employee.suppliers and business partners understand and conform to this policy by training and propagandizing.